Monday, March 14, 2011

After Shocks

It’s been 72 hours since the 8.9 earthquake hit Japan.  Below is an image (click to enlarge) of all the (5.0 or greater) aftershocks that took place after the 8.9 earthquake.

It is absolutely horrific to see the power of nature destroying everything that the Japanese have worked hard to build.  Living in Los Angeles, I freak out when/if I feel a 4.0 earthquake.  Seeing this list alone is enough to send chills to my bones, let alone being there physically.

It is absolutely easy for me to comment/blog about how tragic/bad things are over in Japan, when the worst ‘disaster’ that I have experienced was probably a water outage in my house for 2 days.  (Although I was in L.A. during the Northridge earthquake, I ‘escaped’ without any personal impact whatsoever.) 

I’ve read a commentary somewhere that Japan (and its people, in my opinion) is probably the only country in the world that could handle a disaster such as this one.  As much as I agree with such statement to a certain extent, it doesn’t mean that they deserve to be the chosen one to face this challenge. 

My prayers and thoughts go out to those who are affected.

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