Friday, March 4, 2011

March… Already?

I can’t believe 2 months out of the year have disappeared just like that.  I thought to myself… what have I done in the past 2 months?  Well, I spent January of 2011 being sick… pretty much for the entire month.  In fact, the symptoms were still around throughout February that I decided to go see a Doctor.  My Primary Care Physician referred me a Neurologist, and yesterday, was my big day with this specialist.  The diagnosis?  (My non-medical explanation…) I had an infection to a nerve behind (inside) my ears, that affects my balancing.  And whenever such nerve(s) is infected, it would take months to heal. 

As for February, despite the lingering symptom, I had to worry about a slab leak under the house that I just bought back in November.  For the most part of late January, and early February, I was busy making arrangement for options and quotes.  It wasn’t until Wednesday (March 1st), that the final patch to the wall was put in place.  What lies ahead of me is to re-paint the patched wall, and put everything back into the closet, under the sink, and garage. 

In addition to a short and simple Chinese New Year celebration in early February, that is pretty much how I spent the first 1/6 of 2011. 

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