Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Have Other Technology Companies Contributed?

I came across this Google Crisis Response page today, and I was extremely impressed by the effort that Google has put in to the disasters that the people of Japan are facing. 

The layout of this page is simple, easy to read, and it contains tons of information for people who are seeking information such as Shelter, Electric Black-out Schedule, Transportation Status, and more!  All translate-able to 3 other languages.

2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

It was just during the weekend, immediately after the Tsunami, that Google launched the People Finder website that was a success following the Indonesia Tsunami and the Christchurch earthquake.  If you look at the People Finder homepage, you’ll see that the layout is primarily designed to be viewed on a mobile device.  Which prompts me to think… what have other high profile technology companies done to ‘help out’?  Did Apple create an App so that its millions of iPhone/iPad Users in Japan, and around the world, get to check on earthquake related matters?  Microsoft, could you have at least turn the background image on Bing to something related to this crisis in Japan, with some relevant pop-information upon the User’s mouse-over?  Yahoo, let’s just forget about Yahoo.  The company itself is a disaster in itself. 

Google Person Finder- 2011 Japan Earthquake

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