Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back at the Car Dealership

It’s been 2 years since I bought my GLI, and hear I am, sitting at the same dealership where I bought it, waiting to get the 2nd key to my car that was owed to me since Day 1. 

I’ve been avoiding this visit for a few reasons.  Mainly, this place is like 35 miles away!  Secondly, even with a free oil change sitting in my account (a perk for purchasing my car from this dealership), I really have no incentive to make the drive, when there are so many alternatives nearby.  But as my car payments are about to come to an end in less than a year, I thought it would be a good time to send the Owner of this Dealership an email to express to him on how disappointed I am, when the 2nd Car Key that was promised to FedEx to me, had never made it.  Credit to the Owner, he responded immediately, and promised to get it replaced/re-issued immediately.  The Owner then emailed the Service Department, and a Service Appointment was immediately made. 

Fast forward 2 weeks, here I am, sitting at this place that I last visited 2 years ago.  The primary reason for my purchase back then was to get a more reliable car so that my then pregnant wife didn’t have to come rescue me when my car broke down.  Now, the little fellow that was in my wife’s tummy is about to turn 2 years old in a few days!  Looking back now, I’m glad that I made the purchase.  But I do think I’d made the wrong decision on the vehicle of choice. 

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