Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yahoo Fantasy Football – Week 4 – Selections


Arsenal vs. Swansea

Even without the players that they bought right before the Transfer Deadline, I would expect Arsenal to handle Swansea with ease, especially when they are playing at home.

Man City vs. Wigan

Man City’s billion dollar squad would be tough for any visiting team to breakdown.

My Changes…

Torres/Arteta – Even at a cheap price of $12.01, I have decided to free him up to accommodate Arteta.  Whom I hope will be a success in set-pieces.

Fabio/Gibbs – I am not so sure if he will get to play, when Smalling is performing well at Right Back with the England squad.  Gibbs, meanwhile, costs only 3.12, plus a chance to play and a clean-sheet. 

Vermaelen/Mertesacker – A bit expensive.  When Mertesacker is only 6.11, I think I will get the same results/points should Arsenal manage a clean-sheet.

Ramsey/Mata – I picked him because of his cheap price.  But with so many new players at Arsenal, I am not so sure if he will be starting.  Whatever money I had left, Mata was the most promising.

YFF Week 4 Transfers Part 2

Here’s my line-up

YFF Week 4 Line-up

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