Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yahoo! Officially Announced the ‘Time of Death’ of MyBlogLog


MyBlogLog Death Certificate

I received this email from Yahoo today telling me that MyBlogLog is about to die, and had I been a paid customer (never!), I will get a refund on my pro-rate subscription. 

I knew about the imminent death of MyBlogLog for a while.  It saddens me to see how Yahoo! fails to fully optimize MyBlogLog (MBL).  MBL commercialized the concept of Social Networking, Sharing, and Analytics long before all the major players we see today, did.  Sadly, due to all the bureaucracy happening inside Yahoo!, MBL becomes another failed acquisitions of Yahoo!

Back to the ‘Service Announcement’ that I received, I have almost forgotten that MBL offers Paid Services that provides additional analytics and reporting.  I have to assume that there aren’t that people out there who are really paying for these premium services.  Which is why Yahoo! doesn’t see MBL as a revenue stream.

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